Lovin' the Little Things

Lovin' the Little Things

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bama Life

     I've been on a blog hiatus for a bit. I'm not going to try and write about all of the things that have happened since the last time I wrote on here (over a year ago). I will say that we LOVE Alabama!
     I am still working in the insurance business by day and have been teaching dance two nights a week at Strut, USA in Rainbow City, AL. I love the girls I teach and work with! Dance brings so much happiness to my life. I find joy in what I do in the studio. I am also the Seminary teacher for the Hoover Ward. I love those chillens! They make getting up at 4:30am every day worth it. It can be a hard gig, I'm not going to lie, but they are such good kids I [sometimes] forget how tired I am when I'm learning with them.

     Hunter is working at UAB Health System and just started his LAST semester of grad school!!!! He will be graduating in May, and then we will be heading off to our next adventure. We are excited to part with the student life and are ready to settle into a new job and new phase of life. 

We love our little dog, Mr. Peanut, like he is our first-born. He is spoiled in every way. In fact, the temperatures have been in the teens and twenties this week and I keep finding him wrapped in a blanket somewhere.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and that your 2014 is fun and fulfilling!