Lovin' the Little Things

Lovin' the Little Things

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hooray for summer break!

Hunter and I had such a fun and relaxing break! Hunter worked while I took some classes online and we played lots of games and watched a TON of movies! We beat seasons 5&6 of the Office and season 1 of Modern Family. The last two weeks of our break were the best! First we went to Twin Falls, Idaho where we gained a sister, Miss Anna K Gilland! It was so good to see all of the fam and watch my brother get married.

After the wedding, we gallivanted off to Orlando, Florida (the home of Mickey Mouse and his friends) to take the most well-deserved vacation of my life! We had a blast with my parents and my in-laws. The six of us joined our "cousins" the Mitchells at Disney World for a couple of days as we celebrated a "Family Reunion" complete with celebration buttons.

Florida was so hot and humid that my little potato got a heat stroke on the golf course. He was fine as soon as the Georgia vs. Boise State came on a few hours later. In honor of the game my mom gave us a UGA pillow pet, and because Hunter felt he needed a prize for his team winning the game we got a bronco pillow pet as well. They play nice in our living room.

We had such a great time, but now it's time to get back in the school rhythm. Today was our second day of school and we love our classes so far. I'm sure that will all change by midterms but we will enjoy it while it lasts!