Lovin' the Little Things

Lovin' the Little Things

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mr. Peanuts Arrival

On Monday we welcomed a one year old Yorkie into our family. We rescued him from another home and we love him already. He loves being outside. Hates baths. Loves playing all day. Hates water. Loves snuggling his sock monkey. And loves his new home. He is a tiny little guy! When we take him on walks he gets tired after maybe 100 yards. We usually end up carrying him home to his water bowl. Enjoy this cute face! We sure do! Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just a little fun

This labor day weekend was quite a bit of fun. We headed over to Atlanta to watch as our friends Kevin and Kayla get married in the temple! They are so precious!

Of course in honor of the official start of college football season we got the BSU game in on Friday and the Georgia, Alabama, and Auburn games in on Saturday. By the way, I decided that while living in Alabama I must choose an allegiance second to Georgia (Go Dawgs!) so I have something to contribute to conversations here. So I chose Alabama. I have chosen Alabama for 2 reasons. #1 they won their game this weekend (sorry, Auburn) and #2 I am getting my State of Alabama insurance licensing through Alabama's continuing studies program. Seeing as how I'm a student there I have to cheer, right?

Mom and dad came over on Sunday for a slumber party with the intent of going to the fair with us on Monday. We stayed up late catching them up on all of the Marvel movies so they could go watch the Avengers and not be confused. Needless to say Monday brought nothing but rain... I was bummed because I was so excited for fair food! We decided that we wouldn't let our Marvel Movie Marathon got to waste so we went and saw the Avengers!! What a good day! Mom and dad left and Hunter and I decided to do something crazy!!!! We cut 10 INCHES off of my hair. Well, Hunter did the cutting. He was so pleased with his work that he said he had found his calling and he should drop out of grad school and open up a shop.